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Chiaroscuro-like, Never Sol lets you peek into the blackness that contains a clearly defined image but she doesn't let you fall into it. A strong connection to songwriting, intricate chord progressions, synths and voice are the cornerstones of her musical output. At times, her songs veer into David Lynch territory: full-bodied, thick and eerie. Then again, spare and open – just her voice, and a few carefully placed instrumental flourishes. It sounds like you’re locked in a room with just her. When she’s not probing emotional wounds with her music you can hear a philosophical bent in her songs, which manage to be down-to-earth while simultaneously tackling big ideas. Putting contrasts to an equal level is an epic basis that is expressed hand in hand with delicateness and tenderness.

Sára is an alumna of the Jazz Academy of music in Prague, a place of her birth and current residence, and this clearly shows in her technique that complements her devotion to express fragile emotions. The debut album Under Quiet (2013) resulted from her two-year collaboration with Jan P. Muchow (known from his electronic and shoegaze band Ecstasy of Saint Theresa). The album was well received in the Czech Republic and was nominated for several Czech awards. In 2014 Under Quiet was re-released by Denovali Records. Never Sol participated at the Tokyo 2014 edition of Red Bull Music Academy and she also performs with Tomáš Dvorák's electro-acoustic project Floex. In 2015 she made music for the contemporary dance performance DIVOCINA by Jana Burkiewiczova.