MANSUR is the newly initiated project by Jason Kohnen (ex-The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble) joined by Dimitry El-Demerdashi (ex-Phurpa) and introducing Martina Horváth on vocals. The sound of MANSUR navigates between the waters of musical fantasy and reality - it morphs and blends traditional instrumentation with modern day electronica.

After the debut record "Temple", the debut full length "Karma" and the live improv recording "Minotaurus" MANSUR returns with the fourth record "Oscuras Flores". "Oscuras Flores" (Dark Flowers), the title derived from a Federico Garcia Lorca poem, and conceptually inspired by the works of Vandana Shiva, "Oscuras Flores" is a musical testimony for a return to organic and a healthier symbiosis with our planet. A hommage to the natural seeds of life, Mother Nature and planet Earth…

Jason Köhnen: Bass / Electronics

Dimitry El Demerdashi: Oud

Martina Horváth: Vocals