Originally released on cd via a Greek label and sold out in a few months this selftitled debut record of BLACKFILM really needs a repress. We have decided to realize it again - in a very unique cd packaging and for the first time on vinyl! The Cd comes in sweet jewelcases with a thick printed slipcase, the vinyl comes in a thick gatefold cover; available vinyl colours: 100 white/dark blue sida a/side b effect, 100 ultraclear with black and dark blue splatter, 300 black.

Why would it be worth and necessary to re-release this record? A review says: "Starting off in a somewhat soundtrack perspect ive, Blackfilm slowly builds up an incredibly dark environment, in which fear some ambiences co-exist with film-noir references. Evolving from downtempo electronic music to orchestral paroxysms and, insanely, passing from down-pitched nothingness to frozen urban landscapes, it becomes inevitable to resist. Let yourself sink in the abyss ..." Blackfilm manages to connect dramatic classical moments with strings, flutes and apocalyptic haunting ambient to downtempo as well as breakbeat rhythms. He's an incredibly talented artist who experts in combining modern day electronic music with classical music references, while remaining absolutely original . He's able to create a pulsating dolorousness like almost noone else in this genre. First and foremost, he knows when it makes sense to arrange a specific sound fragment to create an atmosphere that really affects you. Saying more doesn't make sense. Push the play button and sink into the ocean of sounds.

Highly recommended if you like AMON TOBIN, PORTISHEAD, FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON or other intelligent ambient or dark electronic music.