The Grand Color Crayon - S/t (Cheapo) 7''

The Grand Color Crayon - S/t (Cheapo) 7''
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label: communique

"the grand color crayon. the band was hatched in the fall of 2004 on the suburban blocks of the abnormally normal town of napa valley, california. with no pre-made music scene before it the band has therefore been free to destroy in the manner they see fit, with no dogmatic musical autocracy to hold them down. armed with bloody souls and bruising passion (and instruments) this stripped down trio has been granted a well deserved reputation for ridiculously enthusiastic liveperformances and a never ending energy flow between band and audience. the grand color crayon doesn’t just make fans, they make friends. "not trying to play into one role of a certain music", the gcc hold their own musical ideals while continuing to water the roots of the long ago decapitated punk-and-hardcore weed. see this before it stops."