Deerhoof (feat. Jeff Tweedy) / The Raccoonists - Behold a Raccoon In The Darkness 7''

Deerhoof (feat. Jeff Tweedy) / The Raccoonists - Behold a Raccoon In The Darkness 7''
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label: polyvinyl


•    Jeff Tweedy fronting Deerhoof? One might be surprised just how natural the voice of Wilco sounds amidst the eccentric, swirling chaos of the Deerhoofian musical universe.

•    The Wilco-Deerhoof connection goes back a long way. They toured the midwest together in 2004. Wilco guitarist Nels Cline’s ‘Suspended Head’ from ‘Instrumentals’ (2002) was the guitarist’s raucous tribute to Deerhoof. Frontman Jeff Tweedy has been name-checking Deerhoof records in best-of lists for years. And when Deerhoof recently pointed to Wilco as the inspiration for their song ‘Behold A Marvel In The Darkness’, the idea was hatched that Mr. Tweedy should actually have a go.

•    Which brings us to ‘Behold A Raccoon In The Darkness’, the fourth instalment of Deerhoof’s collaborative 7” series in which guest vocalists perform over an instrumental track from the band’s latest full-length, ‘Deerhoof vs. Evil’.

•    The instrumental track, the melody, and the lyrics for ‘Behold’ are unchanged from the original. But in place of Deerhoof chanteuse Satomi Matsuzaki, we hear the immediately identifiable pipes of Jeff Tweedy, with harmonies by his son Spencer .

•    Side B features ‘Own It’, an original song by The Raccoonists, a group comprised of Tweedy and his two sons, Spencer and Sam. Although the band originally began as an instrumental duo (consisting of Jeff and Spencer), it has since evolved into a trio with Sam providing vocals. Recorded in Spencer and Sam’s bedroom, ‘Own It’ is the first Raccoonists song to be released. However, the group does have plans to record more tracks later this year.

•    Limited to 2000 copies on clear pink vinyl, including digital download.