Appie Kim - Strings/Everybody is your Friend 7''

Appie Kim -  Strings/Everybody is your Friend 7''
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label: knife slits water

"Appie Kim is from The Hague, The Netherlands. They, Marcel and Natascha, are the remains of 'De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid'; a band that was suddenly destroyed by their captain. Marcel plays drums, keyboards and writes poems. Natascha writes the songs, plays guitars and sings. Just with the two off them they create a sonic galaxy that encompasses different sounds from the past and the future. Taking cues from The Velvet Underground & Nico, Zappa and The Breeders, Appie Kim explores the realm of dark, droning pop music and trashy psychedelic garage. They write about treason, death, loneliness and Death (the guy).

The song on side A: '5 Strings' sounds reserved and reticent in a way. Looked at it from a distance, it's a beautiful meandering pop song, but if you look closer there's a darkness below the surface.

Side B truly is the contrasting side of the EP: 'Everybody is your Friend' is upbeat and psychedelic with a lot of references to 70's rock: loud distorted guitars and beat rings.

The 7" comes as an edition of 200 in a beautiful silk screened sleeve on crazy 3-colored psychedelic vinyl. "